School Staff

Our Staff for the 2017-2018 School Year!

Principal: Rita Petrocco

Office Administrator: Susan Conway

KP1 - Erika Morrison and Danielle Sayeau (ECE)

KP2Cynthia Noon Bezaire (FSL), Lynne Gleiser, 
          Lisa Reitano (ECE)

KP3Zoe Paterson (FSL), Joanne Buccini (ECE)

Grade 1: Kevin DiFiore and Heather Cama (FSL) 

Grade 1: Carolin Smith and Heather Cama (FSL)

Grade 2: Carol Hughes and Heather Cama (FSL)

Grade 2: Shannon Oxley and Heather Cama (FSL)

Grade 3: Chris Duplessis and Antonio Ranieri (FSL)

Grade 3: Patricia Milosek and  Antonio Ranieri/Nadeige                    Altidor (FSL) 

Grade 4 am: Nick Maiorino 

Grade 5 (am): Sandra Ieradi 

Grade 5/6 (am): Lynne Gleiser

Grade 6 (am): Marie Sullivan 

Grade 4 Immersion (pm): Nadeige Altidor (FSL)

Grade 5 Immersion (pm): Christine Cote (FSL)

Grade 6 Immersion (pm): Antonio Ranieri (FSL) 

Grade 4/5 Extended (pm): Nick Maiorino 

Grade 5/6 Extended (pm): Marie Sullivan

Grade 4/5 and 5/6 Extended French: Christine Vlaming

Resource Teachers: Abby Hebert, Sandra Ieradi (PM),

Educational Assistants: 
Kelly Cockwell, Rob Issa.   Jasmin Kuiack,  Kim Epino, Pina Pica and Miranda McHale

Librarian: Diane Caon

Custodial Staff: Wayne McCullough (Head Custodian), Carol Ellis (Night Custodian)

About Our School

Mission Statement

St. Patrick School is a Catholic community that fosters a caring atmosphere where children can grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally to become the people God created them to be, using their talents to make our world a better place.

This school has as its fundamental goal the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.


Activities, Clubs & Teams

Cross Country Running






Ultimate Frisbee

Track and Field

Dance Team

Environment Club

Kindergarten Helpers

Peer Mediators

PALS (Recess Program)


Affiliated Schools

3333 Greenbank Road, Nepean
Phone:  613-823-4797

Our Parish

services held at St. Joseph High School
3333 Greenbank Road, Nepean
Phone:  613-723-9767