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Handball and Tchoukball Teams

posted Mar 21, 2016, 2:01 PM by rita.petrocco@ocsb.ca
Kudos to our Handball and Tchoukball teams....their sportsmanship and teamwork prevailed on the court!...Thank you to all our team members and coaches (listed below).

Handball Teams: Girls' Handball Team Members:  Gr. 5: Anikah, Jaiden, Stella, Emma, Jillian, Isabel Gr. 6: Lauren, Gia, Madison, Kiera, Abby, Olivia, Coach: Mr. Duplessis, 

Boys' Handball Team Members: Gr. 5: Matthew S, Shane, Joseph, Nolen, Max, Ryan Gr. 6: Matthew A, Michael, Noah C, Antonio, Leo, Brock  Coach: Mrs. Smith

Girls' Tchoukball Team Members: Gr. 5: Emily H., Mikayla, Jaiden, Jillian, Emma, Jas, Sofia, Janaya  Gr. 6: Emily D, Madison, Gia, Taylor, Olivia, Abby,   Maya, Lauren  Coach Mrs. Handrigan, Ms. Thomas

Boys Tchoukball Team Members:  Gr. 5: Ethan, Nolen, Ceaden, Jack, Shane, Max, Joe C., Matthew S, Gr. 6: Antonio, Carter, Noah, Matthew F, Michael C, Matthew A, Justin, Marius Coach: Madame Cynthia